Frustrated, but unphased.

It’s not always easy to meet a goal.

There are many steps we take on our way to achieving a goal and all of them require an amount of precision.

If one step is not where it needs to be, the goal can become much harder to reach.


If you have read my post from May 20th, 2020, you will know that I have a personal goal that I set for myself for the next 365 days (from that date).

The first steps I took were productive.

However, this past week’s steps have been a struggle.

I have not done well in making progress towards my goal.

It’s frustrating that it’s only been 3 weeks and I’m already unsatisfied with my progress.


However, I tend to use dissatisfaction and turn it into motivation.

If I’m not happy with it, then I need to change something and do better.

I’m always trying my best, but I know that I wasn’t at my best this past week in terms of taking the steps needed to be on track for my goal.


From this point, I vow to stay on track towards my goal.

Again, my goal is a personal goal, so I won’t reveal what it is that I’m working towards until I get there.

It’s nothing crazy, but it’s something that means a lot to me and that I want to do, so I hope you can support me on my journey.


As I head into the next steps of my journey towards this personal goal of mine, I want to be diligent and prepared.

Diligent in the steps I take and the process I have – Prepared to take each step and move forward in my goal ladder when the time is right.


For all of you working towards a specific goal in your life right now, I challenge you to use your frustrations as motivation and to be prepared for each step as you make your way towards your goal.

Don’t let mistakes/missteps get you down + Set yourself up for success with the right plan and mindset.


I hope we can all achieve our goals – no matter what it is or how difficult it may seem to achieve.


Let’s get to work.



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