Enjoy the day.

I harp on the importance of being present as life presents each moment to you.

Being able to experience every moment right as it happens is an incredible feeling.

When you have your mind somewhere in the past or the future, you never really get the full feelings that life brings to you in a moment.


When you can’t feel, life is very dull.


Today, I had goals for my round of golf that I played (which went well, a bonus), I had reflective moments when at lunch with my dad, I had thoughts about the future when hanging out with my friend, but ultimately despite these mental spaces of past and future, I was able to maintain presence in all of these good moments.


It was good.


I want to be able to enjoy the day.

I want to be able to find something to enjoy within each moment.

If it makes me smile or is pleasant to my soul, it’s easy to find joy in it.

If it makes me sad or angry, I can usually point to joy in what I am learning from my negative feelings.


In my opinion, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel – a glass that is half-full.


It can be harder sometimes to find those positives, but I promise you they are there.


I encourage you, no matter what just happened or what is going to happen, enjoy the day as each moment comes.

It is important to plan and it is important to reflect, but if you do it all the time, it is hard to enjoy the day and experience life.


Life is meant to be experienced…

And the day is meant to be enjoyed.


Let’s enjoy the day.





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