Life’s Chemistry.

While driving home this evening, I thought about how well driving and music go together.

I love listening to music while cruising down the highway.

It’s a very free feeling – like the whole world is in front of you.

I especially enjoy doing that at night – the skyline and the lights add a nice touch to those feelings that come with the beat of the music and the highway speeds.


This made me realize how many of life’s most beautiful moments are moments in which pieces of life work together to create something great.

For example, the music + the highway driving + the night lights in the city = a beautiful moment.


I realized how so much of life works together and we hardly notice sometimes.

We always notice when things clash because that’s not what we want.

We want everything and everyone to get along and mesh, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.


So, when we do get those beautiful moments of connection, whether it involves people, places, things, etc, cherish them and feel the relation of these things working together.

We should want to work together with our people and our surroundings.

It makes life feel much more connected and wonderful when a lot is working along with you instead of against you or on its own.


The world has your back – you just have to find where.


Seek out those moments that give your life chemistry.

Those moments that feel like everything is in sync.
Trust me, you’ll never forget it when it is.



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