When you’re tired, rest.

I am tired.


Not super exhausted, but I know I need to regroup and give myself a little time to recharge.

There’s no shame in that – being tired can come from 5 days of work in a row or it can come from an hour-long activity.


Everyone has their own pace.


Whether it be physically tired, socially tired, emotionally tired, you owe it to yourself to recharge that area in which you’re worn out.

We aren’t mean to go 100 miles per hour all the time… or else we would.


We have multiple gears… but sometimes we forget to put it in park.


Make sure to take care of yourself and let yourself recharge wherever you need that to be.

We always should be taking care of ourselves, but oftentimes we think that means being active in doing something different.

Sometimes, being active is not what we need.

We need the opposite.


As this is a bit of a shorter post, I will leave you with the fact that I am now going to rest.


I encourage you to take that moment to rest, too – to recharge – to regroup – to refocus.


Take care of yourself.



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