The importance of talking with yourself and others.

As I sat at lunch today with my dad, I was reminded of the beauty of speaking your thoughts.


My dad and I tend to have many “life talks” – just discussing our thoughts on what’s going on with our lives and understanding the emotions we feel as our lives are constantly moving/changing.

A topic came up of communication and listening – simply understanding yourself and others when conversation/interaction occurs.


In that moment, it was kind of a double-take.

We were talking about the importance of talking/listening while we were currently in a moment of focused talking/listening.


I am super thankful for that moment.


In the past, I was not someone who had “life talks”.

Not with myself, not with others.

I would just brood in my thoughts and not address them.


One day, I was tired of holding it in, and I said my thoughts out loud.

I felt really weird doing it, but saying my thoughts out loud, to myself, made me realize what I was feeling and what was going on around me.

I could literally talk myself through what was going on in my mind and my life.


After a while, I realized how important it is to not only understand myself but for others to understand me – I started to talk to others about these issues and thoughts.


It was a world of help, reassurance, and learning that I never knew I needed.

I never knew how much support I needed to give to myself and receive from others.


I didn’t need to be validated – just connected and understood.

Once I got to that point, I started to learn about myself and how I learn, how I understand, how I get to emotions, how I address emotions, and simply how I live life.


I am still learning things, too.’

Learning about myself.

I think that knowing who you are and how you function is so important… self-reflection and self-knowing.


We never stop learning, but where I am now is all because I started to talk… and listen.


Talk to myself and listen to myself.

Talk to others and listen to others.


It really is a whole new world once you say what’s on your mind.

There’s no need to fear the words and the feelings – we want to understand them and should.


I encourage you to talk to someone close to you that you trust or even just yourself if that is a lot for you – just talk through where your mind is at, what’s going on in your life, etc.


It doesn’t need to be super deep – just needs to be said.

Our thoughts come to life with our words – we should want to live life instead of just thinking about it.


Not just live, but experience… feel.


Life is meant to be experienced, felt, and be present for.


Let’s enjoy each moment, talk through it, and listen to what we have to say and what others have to say.


Let’s help each other, help ourselves, and experience life.



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