Communicating with myself.

I feel awfully at peace today.

It just popped out of nowhere, really.


How does one get to a place of peace?

For me, it can come through a few ways, but today it came from feeling aligned with life.

It feels like the place I am in and what I see in front of me is actually in line with where my heart is.

I know it’s right for me.

Is it perfect? No.

Is it peaceful? Yes.


I don’t want life to be perfect. I want life to be peaceful.

If life were perfect, we would all take it for granted and not understand the greatness of the road we take to get to a place of peace.


The best thing I have done for me to get to this current place of peace is communicating with myself.

I’ve continued to ask myself questions, analyze where I am, what I am searching for, etc.

I am asking myself and telling myself the right things.

I am seeking a vision.

I have an outline.

I have a place.

I have a piece and I am at peace.


It’s honestly an exciting feeling.

I’ve been at peace before, but never have I been so supportive of myself.

I am at the point where my communication, my understanding, and my love of myself is where I feel comfortable with all of life.


Will I still make mistakes?

Will I go through times of hurt and struggle with myself?

Will I find confusion and miscommunication in the future?

Of course.


However, it’s about my confidence in the tools that I have in my personal arsenal.


A year or so ago, I felt that the only tool I had in my arsenal was self-destruction.
Now, I look at my tool belt and see so many things that I use to help myself move forward and grow.

Where did all of those tools come from?

  • Willingness to learn.
  • Acceptance of failure.
  • Listening.
  • Analyzation and Reflection.
  • Prayer.
  • Reading and Writing.
  • Community.


There are probably so many more tools, but the big thing is that I know how to use each of them.


I’ve done that by communicating over and over with myself on what I should do with each tool as I maneuver through life.


Communication is key.

Although I can’t say communication is certainly the key to peace, it has helped me get to this place of peace where I am at this moment.


I hope we all can find peace and communicate the right messages to ourselves today and forever.





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