8 instead of 0.

The other night, I found myself looking at life from a limited view.

Life has its cycles and many times, those cycles feel like a circle.

Going in circles in life is frustrating.

In emotional reality, going in circles in life is just going through the motions without addressing and feeling the emotions.


Circling life is no fun.


I thought about a different vision – Life does have its patterns.

It does feel like a circle sometimes, but we don’t have to limit ourselves to going in circles.


When thinking about how I want to “shape my life”, I don’t literally mean designing a physical shape…

But if I were (in relation to a circle or a 0), I couldn’t stop thinking about a figure-8.

Similarly to a circle, there is a pattern of consistency in an 8.

However, that swivel in the middle of the connected pattern is where I see my learning and growth.



I know that life has it’s cycles and its chapters, but each figure 8 in life that I draw looks different.

Sometimes that squiggle in the middle is really long because it takes me forever to get through something or figure something out.

Other times, my figure 8 is super short, because I move on from that chapter quickly.


Each “cycle” that life gives us provides us with opportunity to do more than go in circles.

That “squiggle” in the middle of a figure-8 is the exact place you need to be.

Life will never lose its shape, but you can lose your shape in life.


If you continue to let life send you in circles, you’ll never be able to reach into that pocket of learning, reflection, and growth (emotionally, physically, socially, etc.)


It is ultimately up to you to create those figure 8’s.

You have every opportunity to move about the circles of opportunity that life gives you.

Don’t hesitate to draw the new lines to get where you need to go.


As you go forward, remember that the “0” is indicative of a life that is in motion, but lacks emotion.


Also, you don’t ever want to feel like life is a 0. It’s much better to feel like life is an 8. (haha… very funny)


Anyways, take the time to break out of your circle.


You never know what growth and learning you’ll experience if you continue to be stuck in the motions of life.



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