Speak your mind.

I’ve found that I need to talk things through when I have something on my mind…

Which seems to be all the time.


From ideas, goals, doubts, anxieties, questions, observations – my mind always seems to have something I want to talk about.

For a long time, I would always tell myself “It’s interesting to you, but not to others” or “No one else probably wants to listen to you talk about this for an hour”.


However, I’ve realized that I was wrong.

Every time I reach out to talk to someone about the thing that is on my mind, they listen intently and give good feedback to me as we learn together in the conversation.


I, of course, am not going to ask someone who knows nothing about sports to listen to me rant about sports or someone who lacks empathy to listen to me rant about something I need emotional understanding about.

That is part of the learning – every person in your life is here for you, but for all different reasons.

You just have to remind yourself of those reasons.


I just know that if I’m not able to speak my mind about one thing, I push it to the side and I start thinking about another…

It builds up quickly!


It’s not good for your mind to farm 100 thoughts and not understand or talk about them.

That’s how stress, anxiety, confusion, and many other negative thoughts/emotions creep in.


By simply talking about something with someone (whether good or bad), you and the other person can work through your thoughts and figure out what the next step is.


I don’t know where I’d be without all of the sets of ears that I speak to on a daily basis.

All of these sets of ears, minds, and people are different…

But all of them are oh-so-helpful.


I encourage you to reach out to someone to talk about what’s on your mind today.


You never know who needs to hear it and what you need to learn.



One thought on “Speak your mind.

  1. and that is why we need such good relationship with wise people/counsel – god designed us for connection and relationship and speaks of how important it is for us to rely on each other for our struggles and needs.  if you ever want to vent or rant or discuss im always here nelson ive had my share of lumps, dug my own holes, struggle with many things still in life and seek others for wisdom all the time. Just because we are older and adults doesnt mean we dont have struggles or dont know what to do, it just means we are older 😉  i thank god for you everyday nelson, im proud of you and know he is leading you  dad


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