Take the pressure off of your heart.

Your heart is an important item – physically and emotionally.


Your physical heart is there to help you be able to live and function.

Your emotional heart is there to help you make decisions and feel what is important.


In both ways, I feel as if I haven’t done a good enough job of taking care of my heart.

My physical health isn’t bad, but I feel like I stress myself out a lot when I don’t need to, thus my physical heart always seems to be beating quickly and has to work harder.

I want my physical heart to be in better shape.


As I am an emotional person, I often feel my emotional heart racing – questioning what a feeling is, why it’s there, and it always seems to be running on high.

I want my emotional heart to be in better shape.


In both cases, both hearts, I want to take the pressure off of my heart.

My heart doesn’t need to always work so hard in order to figure things out.


They say “home is where the heart is”, and if your heart doesn’t feel at home when simply living and interacting with the world, then you need to give your heart a break.

I know it’s an “easy fix” on paper to help improve your physical heart health – be healthier in diet, exercise, etc.

However, I think that it’s an easy fix on paper to help improve your emotional heart health, too – be kind to your heart and lookout for it.


There are lots of things that can tear your heart apart and we need our heart to be intact.

After all, we know how painful a broken heart is.


But at times, it is just as painful to have a physical and emotional heart that is yearning for relief.

Yearning for care.


Your heart is a central part of you – physically and emotionally.


And you’re special, so take care of yourself.


And if you’re special, your heart is probably special, too.


So, let’s do our heart a favor.



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