Bound and determined not to be bound.

As I continue to reflect on my goals/reminders for myself in 2020 and look at my current to-do list, things can become stressful.

I don’t handle stress the best, but I start to handle it better when I take a step back…

So that’s what I did today.


The step back I took today while being stressed was to look at time.

Although it seems like time is limited, we have all the time in the world to get things done.

But… how?


I am in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, selling my current vehicle, building my blog and my podcast, and getting ready to begin an internship.

It’s a lot to do and a lot to think about!

The more I think about what I have to do and the time I have, the more stressed I get.

So, what I did today was remind myself that time is on my side, not against me.

Where I get myself in trouble when thinking about my to-do list and my goals is that I look at it thinking that I have to do it all at once.

I look at it as one piece of time.


In reality, I know the only way to get things done is one step, one goal, one task at a time.

I have time to do each thing, but I don’t have time to be bound by stress.

Stress, anxiety, and impatience leads to being bound by that negativity emotionally and mentally.

Once you can become unbound from these things, your goals and your determination get right back on track.


Although it’s natural to be stressed out and be worried about things, it’s because you care about them and want them to get done.

Don’t bind yourself to stress and time – bind yourself with your goals, your determination, and your trust.

Once you invest in yourself, it makes it much easier to toss time, stress, impatience, and worry out of the window.


Here’s to getting things done one step at a time…


And staying bound to who we are.




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