2020: Reminders instead of resolutions.

2020 has arrived!


I am super excited about the upcoming year, as I have a lot going on that I can’t want to be a part of.

When I was thinking about my personal, health, and work goals for 2020, I started to write them as resolutions… things I wanted to “change” or “add” to my life.

It was all in good spirit and good thinking, but I realized after looking at some of my statements, they were not telling me about “the why”.


Why would this change or addition help me?

Why does the new year mean that I have to start changing right now?


I then restructured my goals for 2020 to be more like reminders.

Reminders of what makes me feel like I’m doing my best.

Reminders of what helps me make the biggest impact on those around me.

Reminders of what I love.


So, here are a few examples of things I want to do in 2020 that I changed from a “resolution” to a “reminder”:


  • Before (Resolution): “Go on a 30-minute walk every day.”
  • After (Reminder): Take a walk. It will give you some alone time, it’s easy exercise, and it will help you de-stress.
  • Before (Resolution): “Post every M-F on my blog.”
  • After (Reminder): Continue to use your blog as a consistent platform to help yourself grow and others grow.
  • Before (Resolution): “Limit your social media to 1 hour per day.”
  • After (Reminder): Put your phone down, connect with the world around you, and enjoy the present while being present.


It’s hard to sometimes picture what our limits can be – we don’t want to limit ourselves, but we do want to better ourselves.

I encourage you to look at your goals for 2020 and remind yourself of what’s important and how you can make your resolutions turn into reminders.


After all, it’s probably best to remind yourself why you’re doing something before you just do it.


I hope we can all reach our goals for 2020 and beyond.


Remember: It’s a long, hard battle that we face in life, so take it one reminder at a time.


Here’s to a great year!



One thought on “2020: Reminders instead of resolutions.

  1. just curious, did you have any updated goals serving, time with the lord, books, etc…… you got time for lunch tomorrow or fri? 


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