It’s okay to be scared.

Being scared is normal.

Those butterflies, feelings of unease, nervousness, sweaty palms.

That is a normal reaction to anything that you put weight/value in.

Whether that be a job interview, a competitive event, a first date, or a test, it’s totally normal to have those feelings.


However, there is a difference between being scared and having fear.

Being scared is a feeling.

Fear is a mindset.

Your scared feelings can lead to fear if you allow them to brood in your mind for a long time.

I don’t ever want to let fear paralyze my ability to be who I can be.


It’s easy for fear to be there when we don’t know what’s ahead.

Change is always occurring.

However, fear can also stick around with something for a long time.


It took me years to distinguish fear between nervousness related to golf.

I never separated my competitive butterflies from my fear of failure.

I now understand the thoughts and feelings that are separate from fear and nervousness in my mind.


Fear of failure is most common, I feel like.

We all want to do well every time we do anything.

Although failure is bound to happen and realistic, we still shouldn’t allow our minds to assume the worst.


Combatting nervousness before it turns to fear has to do with recognition of feelings and thoughts.

It all comes back to being mindful.

It’s one thing to be aware, but it’s another thing to be mindful.

I find it easy to realize something is happening, but sometimes difficult to do something to stop it.


I encourage you to accept the butterflies.

It’s okay to be scared.


Make sure you set down your fear, face it head-on, and remember to embrace your nerves.

It’s okay.



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