How many things are we trying to figure out today?

There are many puzzles in life that we try to maneuver through each day…

All of them being a part of the greater puzzle of life.


Pieces galore, all part of the picture of our lives.

Our picture is sometimes (we feel) near complete, and other times we barely have one piece.

Either way, we are always looking for the next piece to put into our life.

It helps us get a clearer picture.


When I think about the pieces to my “puzzle” picture of life, I realize two things that are important:

  • It has to fit. Puzzles often have many pieces that look like they could fit or have a piece that is very close to being that piece you need, but it isn’t quite the right one. When looking at the picture of your life, make sure it aligns with your picture. There are plenty of things that might feel right, but might not fit into your picture.
  • Patience. We don’t always have the pieces we want in front of us to help complete our picture. That can be frustrating, especially when we know what our piece looks like. It takes time for the pieces to show up, so be patient and know that the piece will show up when it is supposed to.


This analogy of a puzzle to put together the picture of life helps keep me from being “puzzled”.

I may not know exactly what the picture is, but I know that it will reveal itself with time and effort.


Put patience in the puzzle of life.

It’ll be a beautiful picture when it’s finished.



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