Direction > Perfection.

Personal improvement can be difficult.

You have to identify where you need to improve, you need to know how to improve, and you have to put those actions into action.

The hardest part for me is not being aware of what I am doing or what I need to do, it is getting myself in position to do it.

We all want to be better, but it is easy to let things get in our own way… especially ourselves.

As I said yesterday, I get in my own way every single day.

It is hard to get anywhere when you don’t let yourself go.


But, I am trying my hardest.

I know when I do these things and I know where I want to be.

I want to be better.


The reality is, clearly, that I or no one else will ever be close to perfect.

My mind tells me that I should be.

We all want to be the perfect version of ourselves but that is so unfair to the reality of life.

We struggle every day.

We fight every day.

We have decisions to make every day.


So, the reminder today is this:

It’s not about perfection… It’s about direction.


I am never going to be perfect.

I am going to be wrong.

I am going to fail.




I am going to be aware of what I need to do to be better.

I will go forth and work hard to be better.

I am not going to get in my own way.

I am going to always try my best according to what I know.


I know I won’t be perfect.

I am okay with that.


Because I’d much rather be seen going in the right direction.





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