Grab on.

I think about the saying “Play the hand you have been dealt” quite often.

Sometimes because of the practical purpose of the saying, in that, you get dealt a different hand each day, and we have to work with what we have.

It is not always the hand we want, but it is the hand we have to play.



I am thinking about something else today.

I am thinking about how we always have something in our hands.


We are holding onto something every day.

Whether that be baggage, a grudge, a smile, a memory.

We are holding on.


I have realized that some things are easier to hold onto than others: Fear, Concern, Anxiety.

It is easy to hold onto smiles, good memories, but it seems like it is easier to dwell on the bad.


My goal is to put down my fear and pick up self-control.

My goal is to put down anxiety and pick up trust.

My goal is to put down concerns and pick up a smile.


Although we may not get to choose the hand we are dealt with, we can choose what we hold onto.


I think a lot about how I can be better for myself.

Because, indeed, I am my worst enemy.


So, this is a step I will take in efforts to battle the demons that are fear, anxiety, self-doubt.

I want to hold onto something I can work with, not something I can hurt with.

Life is hard when you continue to put yourself down, so I am going to hold myself up with my hand.


I know I am not too heavy.

But sometimes what I am holding can be.


Let’s lay down fear, anxiety, concern, etc.


Grab onto trust, confidence, smiles, self-control.


And hold on tight.



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