A break.

This week I am on fall break at Rockhurst University.

It’s pretty crazy that this is my last fall break and that everything this year is my “last” of experiences at Rockhurst.

Nevertheless, I have thought about many things during this break.

I’m always thinking.


I have realized how needed breaks are in life.

  • Breaks for physical rest. Our bodies need to recoup and have time to cool off after a busy time.
  • Breaks for mental rest. Our minds are spinning so much that it is good to slow down and relax the brain.
  • Time for reflection. Breaks allow us time to look at what is going on around us and to figure out what just happened.
  • Time to getaway. Sometimes we can’t get away from the rush of life and a break is good to just remove ourselves from those stresses.


I am definitely doing a lot of reflecting and getting away.

I feel like I’ve had too much on my mind while not being able to get away from all of the thoughts I’ve had.

So, this break is definitely good for me.


But what about when there isn’t a break in my schedule?

What about when I’m in the middle of thought and I need to getaway?


That is where I need to manage my time.

There is time in a day to getaway.

There is time in a day to escape.

I just need to make it, instead of relying on others to schedule it for me (in the sense that it is built into my school schedule).


Assertiveness and mindfulness are two important things to have when it comes to taking care of yourself.

I encourage you to be mindful of what you need and doing it when you need it.


I know that sometimes I need a break.


I just need to give myself a break when it’s time.


I feel like I need a lot of things, but right now, we will just take a break.





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