I have a word document that I consistently update titled “Life”.

It is a compilation of things in life that I love, that I don’t love, that I have learned about myself, what I want going forward, what I thought about the past, bucket lists, reminders, and much more.

It’s a bunch of lists about me.

I just update it based on how I feel in the moment and keep figuring things out in my life.

The specific contents of this document will forever remain private, but my hope is that I continue to use this document to help learn and go forward in life from each point I encounter.


As I was editing it this morning, I was thinking about how much in my mind seems to change, but the core of my feelings and what I want remains the same.

My intentions remain very rooted.

So, my reminder today is this: It’s okay to change.


Change doesn’t mean who I am is changing, it means I am ready for the next step.


So, as I continuously find the next step in my everyday life, I encourage the reader to explore some of these lists –

  • What do you love?
  • What is your bucket list?
  • What are your intentions in life?
  • What do you want going forward?
  • How do past scenarios make you feel, and do they relate to your “future” plans?


It’s important to consistently remind yourself of where you are, what you want, and what you have in front of you.


I encourage you to find what that next change is in your life – the change may not be the most comfortable, but knowing that it is the next step for you in your outlook will make it much easier.


Guide your steps as you maneuver through your change.


Keep the outlook.

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