Learning from our pain.

When I reflect on hard times and heavy pain that I’ve dealt with before, I recognize the extensive learning I have received from each situation.

I still hurt for myself that I had to go through those things, but I am thankful for them now.

Thankful? For pain? 

Might sound crazy, but I truly am.

Pain really opens up your eyes to who you are – Pain carries us forward.

Pain is what shows us how amazing all of the blessings of life are.


And the good things in life should always be motivating.


During times that I am in pain, I remind myself of 2 things based on my past experiences with pain:

  • You’ve been through so much already, you can get through this. It may suck right now, but you will come out of it and you will be better because of it. Trust yourself to continue to pull through and learn from these experiences.
  • Use this pain to grow. Don’t let it tear you down. Pain is temporary, but you are more than that. Don’t allow your pain to hold you back from moving forward. “Pain is gain”, as they say.


Each of us is going through something different at the moment, and whether it is very heavy or just a tiny pull on the shoulder, it is still something we have to deal with.


Remember that it is temporary and that you are strong.

We all have been through pain, and we all have come out of it on top.

Let’s keep progressing through our pain and become better because of it.

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