One of the goals that I wish to achieve is consistency throughout daily life.

I want a rock-solid routine.

I want to have that foundation I can lean on every single day that keeps me going.

Whether it’s the people, the places, the things I’m doing – I want to be grounded in the consistency that I enjoy.


While thinking about this idea, I also thought about the bad routines you can get stuck in.

It is very easy to turn simple things into bad habits.

The thing itself may not be inherently bad for you, but if it is not in your best interest, or interrupts the flow of your day, you want to make sure you are being smart about it.


I share this with you all because I’m wrestling with the yearning for consistency while still being concerned about being stuck on repeat.


I want to make sure I am rooted, but not stuck.


To all of you searching for consistency, find those everyday things that make you smile and keep your chin up.

Find an easy way to integrate them into your schedule and focus on them when it’s time.


Like I said before, become rooted in the positive consistency, but don’t get stuck running in circles.


Make your “playlist of life” and put it on shuffle.


Just don’t get caught on repeat.

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