I really like the saying “home is where the heart is”.

Comfort, love, and peace – all feelings we associate with feeling at home.

I always want to feel at home, wherever I am in life.


When your heart is full, you are at home.

The key is filling your heart with the right things.

Don’t settle for the short-term fixes to your “home”.

You have to hold that solid foundation in your heart and then add the important pieces of your life to keep your heart full.


Just as our homes bring us feelings of trust and comfort, we must do the same with our own heart.

We need to trust that we know what is best for us and what we need.


Take care of your heart and make sure it feels like home.



The heart is at home.


“When love is real, you can do anything.”

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I hope you all enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.