Sometimes when I think, I feel like the “spinning wheel” you see when a webpage is loading.

Sometimes it takes one second to load, and other times it takes quite a while.

Either way, I make sure to not close out my thought.

I will wait for it to fully process in order to move forward.


Because I know the importance of understanding.


It can be frustrating to picture my mind processing and not being able to understand, but if I allow the wheel to keep spinning and keep working hard, I will understand and the wheel can stop spinning.

So often in our lives, we get to something that is hard to grasp and we don’t want to sit and watch our wheel spin.

We just want to close out of that tab in life and try something else.

I encourage you to be a bit more patient and understanding.


There is a reason that tab is open.


Whether you opened it just now or a month ago, you are trying to understand it and trying to figure it out because it is a part of your life.

Patience is difficult.

Understanding can be difficult.

But once that wheel stops spinning, it is a wonderful feeling.


Let’s continue to process the process of life.

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