It’s hard to always be open.

Keeping lines of communication available as you work to process what life is throwing at you is a lot.

However, it’s important.

It is important in order to function within each moment of the day.

We should let our inward emotions and thoughts come out (in the right ways) so we don’t remain bottled up.

Oftentimes, when I bottle things up for a period of time, I can’t even hear or notice what’s currently going on around me.

People could say my name over and over… no response.

Not because I don’t want to – usually because I feel that I can’t… I’m not ready.

I am too busy trying to find all of the answers and figuring out whatever is making my mind work hard.

Will I ever be ready?

I hope so.

I want to be sure when someone says hello, it is always greeted in return.

I don’t want someone to say “hello” to be with a question.

“Hello? Are you listening? Do you see me?”

I am. I do.

I sometimes can hear it all and see it all, but I can’t quite process it.

The present evades me.

I’m reflecting on the past, predicting how it could shape my future, and never settling in between.

Oftentimes, never settling at all.

But what happens when I do?

I sit in the present and feel uneasy.

My mind is convincing myself I need to keep worrying, keep thinking.

But, if I simply take a breath, open my ears and eyes, a feeling of peace rushes through.

Enjoying the present.

Being thankful for my surroundings.

The current moment and what it brings.

If I can get past my mind saying “Hello? Why did you stop worrying?”

I can get to the world saying “Hello. It’s nice to see you experiencing life again.”

We want a happy hello.

From all – even ourselves.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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