Yesterday, I started to plan for my final semester of college (I can’t believe it started today!).


I’ve always loved planning things out and maintaining organization.

It always seems to bring me a sense of peace, a sense of control, and de-stresses my life.


However, a thought crossed my mind as I was planning/organizing yesterday:


Planning is a great reminder.


It’s not just a reminder of what I have to do going forward in my day/week/month/semester, but it’s a reminder of all of the wonderful opportunities I have throughout my life to make a difference.

Each of the events/tasks/things in my calendar and my planner are pieces of my life that I am thankful for and am glad I have in my time arsenal.


I love comparing my planner from a few years ago – it was so empty in comparison to my current planner.

Not just because I’m more involved today, but because I learned how to plan and integrate things into my life.

Ideas – events – communities.

I’ve realized what’s important.

There is so much in my life now that I am thankful for and I am glad I get to take the time to plan them into my life.


I don’t ever want to overcrowd my plans or my schedule, but I am in a place where I am a “good busy”.

It’s a full schedule of things that I know I am meant for.

Places that I can make an impact.

Places I know can impact me and help me learn and grow.


Planning is such a simple reminder of all of the things in our lives.


If you are planning out your day/week/month/semester, I encourage you to take a closer look at what you have coming up and remind yourself of why it’s in your life.

Many of those things will be great reminders of what you’ve learned, how those things have changed you, and the impact you can make through them going forward.

Also, there may be things that you realize you don’t need in your plans.

If that’s true, figure out why that is and if it’s worth it to continue putting that in your plans.


I am just thankful for the simple reminders that life continues to give me.
Reminders go further than you can ever imagine.


And no matter how far ahead you plan, each step of life will bring you a new reminder.


All reminders of your purpose, your impact, and your growth.


Let’s plan for greatness.



One thought on “Planning.

  1. good morning !!!! I wanted to share something I learned/light bulb moment for me this weekend in my training. Have you ever thought about this?  we were going thru romans and talking about gifts/blessings. Have you ever wondered about your gifts/blessings/talents and what they mean outside of how I can survive, how i can use them, how they are mine and mine alone? 

    I have kind of thought about them over the years and how they have molded my life and where i have been with my jobs/career, abilities to take care of myself, you, your mom, etc…… Did you ever think about this? Your gifts/talents are not for you, they are for GOD and his kingdom. They are not for you and your well being, they are given/gifted to you for OTHERS. You are given them to be used for everyone else and to touch them with.  When thinking about mine over the years its been like this………I have the ability to work to take care of myself, i have the ability to figure things out so i can survive, i have the ability to do stuff to save money, i have the ability to understand things so i can take care of my family.  Well, its never been about me, its always been about what those gifts/talents will do for everyone else. Its about everyone BUT ME.  I will touch others because of my gifts, i will be engaged in things because of my gifts, others will be placed in my path because of my talents or thoughts. God had it all planned out long before me and it orchestrating his plans.  Your words, your golf, your heart, your energy Nelson are all for everyone else. I have a new perspective and what that looks like – just wanted to shared that in case it ever crosses your mind.  I love you and hope your week is awesome!!!! Good luck with your meeting/schedule with Doug today.  Dad 

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