As today is Veteran’s Day, we remember all of those who have served our country of the United States of America in battle.

I will be forever thankful for those who have served, currently serve, and will serve.


With today in mind being the theme of remembrance, it makes me think about us as people.

We all want to be remembered.


We see our callings.

We know who and what we care about.

We have a vision.


At the end of the day, there is a feeling inside all of us that wants to be noticed.

No matter what we do, we want our efforts to make a difference.


For me, I don’t really care how large or small my impact is.

As long as I do two things:

  • Make my impact positive.
  • Help others make a positive impact as well.


I would love to be remembered by many as someone who changed lives/things around them for the better.

However, I realistically know that it isn’t in my control to tell people they have to remember what I’ve done.


Although I am just a tiny speck in human history, I know I can still make an impact.

And whether that is just an impact on myself or an impact on millions, I know how I can make something better.


It starts with yourself.

Bettering yourself, how you know you can, can lead to so many glorious opportunities around you to better people, nature, business… so much.


So, my goal is for you and I to continue to push our visions.

We know what we can do.

No matter what it is, we can all make that impact.


Let’s go be better.

Make things better.


And no matter how we are remembered, we know that following our vision for the world can at least let you remember yourself as someone who did their best and bettered themselves.


I know I’m far from perfect, but I’m proud of myself for a lot.

I can only hope that my efforts in this life will make others proud, too.


“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die, but to live on forever.”




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