Sometimes, my process of blogging is slowed.

Whether that be outer distractions, inward thoughts, or just simply not feeling like writing.


I don’t like feeling stalled.


Blogging is something I want to have every day, but I don’t want to force myself to do anything.

The past few days were the first time since I started my Monday-Friday pattern of posting in August that blogging didn’t feel like something I needed to do.

I recognize this was odd, but it was kinda good, for reasons I’ll explain:


It was because the mental grind had slowed down.

I was finally getting a break from working hard on my thoughts.

Thursday and Friday, I finally had a break.

I am always analyzing things, always trying to figure things out.

However, I had nothing new that was brooding in my mind.

It was a strange, but good feeling.


I was originally disappointed that I didn’t blog, but I realize that many times, my blog is to help me figure things out.

Share with the world how I’m working, what I’m learning.

Share with the world how you can work through similar trials.


Thursday and Friday, I was still learning.

It was just a different type of learning.


I was learning how to accept being at rest.

It’s rare when the wheel of my mind stops spinning so fast.


I had time to slow it down and my mind did just that.


I feel like that is something we all need at times.

The wheels of our minds are always spinning, but that doesn’t mean it always needs to be fast.


I am glad I learned that.

I am glad that I got a break.

I am learning how to do deal with each speed of my mind wheel.


Learning never stops.

The wheel never stops.


My blog never stops, but sometimes I suppose I need a break.


I will be more conscious of my time and I will blog when it’s right.


And that’s always the best time.



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