Determined learning… because of Words with Friends?

I have a – sort of – silly reason for the topic today, but it resonated with me during reflection.


For the past few years, I’ve been a word junkie.

Words with Friends – Wordscapes – Crossword Puzzles.

I am a sucker for word games.

I find myself playing Words with Friends games every single day, all the time.


What’s most fun about it?


Not necessarily winning, although that’s a bonus.

The learning of new words is cool.

But I like it for the strategy.


I strategize how I can set myself up for better words, better tiles, better opportunities.


For me, it is extremely satisfying to see my strategy in games pay off.

The personal strategy helps me succeed in the game and it also helps me learn.

It doesn’t always work, but when I am working hard to strategize for myself, I find myself with much better opportunities.


These games teach me a lot about my own life.


First, I see how putting my mind firmly in the game of life helps me.

My brain is looking towards setting myself up for success instead of failure.

I want to create opportunities for myself.

It’s hard to do that without the right mindset.

I’m in it to win it.


Secondly, I see how strategy ties into my planning nature.

I love to plan. It helps me see what is in front of me and how I might be able to go about my business.

It doesn’t guarantee success, but it does show me possible paths that I may not have seen without taking a closer look.


Finally, my word games teach me so many values. Perseverance, patience, confidence, strategy…

I learn a lot…


I talk much about how I am often my worst enemy.


I am trying every day to be better for myself.

I want to set myself up for success.

I want to translate values from these games, life experiences, and much more, to make myself a better man.


Sometimes, it takes something “silly” like Word with Friends to help me realize areas of growth.


So maybe, Words with Friends isn’t so silly.
Feel free to start a game with me.

Maybe you’ll learn some things, too.



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