The fight with studying.

I had an exam this morning.

I feel like it went fine, but the exam result is less on my mind than the result of my studying.

I spent part of yesterday gearing up for this exam, as I should.

My mind was sometimes distracted, sometimes focused.

I realize that the goal of my studying, oftentimes, is extremely short-term.

In those times, I want to memorize, spit it out, and forget it.

When I think about my education, I want to learn and retain my learning.


So, why is it that we often study this way?


We do learn.

We do perform.

However, what is its impact on our education?


I relate this to my everyday reflection.

I study myself.

I learn new things every day about my life and what’s going on around me.


However, I don’t always act upon my learning.

I realize a mistake.

I realize progress.

But what do I do going forward?

Sometimes I do what I see forward, but other times I don’t.


I don’t want to just be someone who is aware.

I want to be someone who is mindful.

Mindful in my decisions.

Mindful in life.

Mindful in myself.


My goal is not to memorize, spit out, and move on.

My goal is to learn, reflect, and move forward.


Here’s to reaching my goals…


To studying that lasts.




One thought on “The fight with studying.

  1. awareness will take you to processing, processing will take you to observation, observation will take you to prayer to hopefully understanding what you need to see. – we cant see until our eyes are opened no matter how hard we try – im so excited for you and what you are doing with awareness and thinking, i love you!!! dad


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