How are you feeling?

I have an app on my phone that has many resources for reflection, meditation, reading, and more.

But my favorite thing it does is asks me the same question every morning at 8:00 AM when I wake up:


“How are you feeling?”


When I first started doing this, I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be able to determine much of a feeling right as I wake up.

…But I always do.

I always have something on my mind.

I always have an emotion to share.

I always have a feeling.

So, when it asks me how I’m feeling, I report how and it keeps track of my progress.


Not only is it important to understand where you are, but it is also important to understand why you are.

Just by getting that simple question from my app each morning, it helps understand myself better each day and how I can work to better my overall self.


So, I ask you, how are you feeling?


I talked with some friends the other day how important it is to be there for others.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking a question.

It’s easy for us to go through the motions and not even recognize how we are feeling, what we are feeling.


So, I ask you, how are you feeling?

I want to be there for others.

I want to reach out my hand.

So today, I will ask:


How are you feeling?



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