As I was walking this morning, I was thinking about a similar topic to recent posts:

Alignment of your emotions to your mind.


Aligning yourself with time.


Although I was thinking outside of those boxes of thought, I realized how difficult it is to do both of those things.

Emotions are immensely powerful…

So is the mind.

What does this mean?

You are trying to align two powerful forces that often fight each other.


This goes the same for aligning your movement with time.

Again, two powerful forces that often fight each other.


This seems to be a tough place to stand.

How can we manage to align these things together?

It is helpful, but incredibly difficult.


The one thing I can say, that I try my best to do, is this:

Control what I can control.


I never want to force alignment of emotions with the mind OR my movement with the movement of time, but I do want to make sure I control what is in my court.


I can’t control the movement of time, but I can control MY movement in time.

I can’t control what makes me naturally feel something, but I can control MY choices.


There is always a ball in your court.

Whether it is one ball or one thousand, you have opportunities in front of you.

It is hard to always align yourself, make the right decision, be the best that you can be.


All we can do is take one ball at a time that is in our court…

Serve up the best serve we can give…

And take what the other side of the court gives us.


I hope you and I continue to do our best.




One thought on “Alignment.

  1. Good Morning,  I hope your test goes good today, I have been praying in advance!! I hope things go good for tomorrow too.  I cant remember if i shared this with you or not but something recently – ” We can control our choices but we cannot control the consequences of them. ”  I have pondered this much lately and plugged in some decisions i have made over the years and looked back into them and how my choice was exactly that a choice/decision but what happened after that played out in many different facets like blades of grass on a golf course, we can decide where to hit the ball but the consequences of that decision are affected by so many things that play out after we make a decision.  Crazy when you look deep into a decision its very deep!!!! I love you and I am sooooooo proud of you nelson –  Dad


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