Weather doesn’t have to mean whether.

It is cold today!

And I love it.

I’ve always loved the cold, the snow, the winter holidays.

I’ve been looking forward to this kind of weather for quite a while.


Although this is a good moment, I have to consider something.

I complained about the heat for a long time this year, continuously putting myself in the mindset of waiting.

I don’t want to let the weather determine my mood for the day.

That seems pretty unfair to me to let a number (a temperature) dictate how I feel.

This doesn’t mean I have to like the heat, but on days that it is hot outside, I need to look towards a positive, an opportunity that that day has for me.


This goes for much more than just the weather.

I don’t want a stressful task, a person, an object, or anything outside of me that I can’t control take over my mood.

It’s easy to let that happen because so much happens in a day.

However, all I want to do is look at the good things in a day.

There are so many good things that happen in a day, so I just want to take one of those things at the start of the day so that I’m off to a start on the right foot.


That’s why this blog is so integral to my routine at this point in my life.

My blog helps me reflect the first moment my day starts, allows me to figure things out in my mind, and do something I love as I get my day started.

I get reminders.

I get joy.

I get satisfaction.

That’s 3 really good feelings to have to start a day.


So, what I want to do is take my blog and my good things in my day and allow myself to power through the stresses and the uncontrollable pieces of life.

I hope that as we go forward, you and I can continue to use the good pieces of life to help us make the right moves and be in the right mood.





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