Look inward for outlook.

Our outlook on life can change constantly.

We look forward to new things every day… because new things always come.

We can see things differently as our life continues to change and move forward.

  • It can be an outer source of change (something you can’t control).
  • It can be from a learning experience you just received.
  • It can be from your inward opinion on something changing course.
  • It can simply be your mood/emotional state.


There are many factors to a changed vision.

However, one factor remains the same throughout your outlook on life:




As I’ve said before, who you are remains the same through it all.

You can get new things, you can change your schedule, but you can’t change who you are deep down.


We all have our own makeup.

So, when I think about how my outlook on life might be changing, I look inwardly before I move forward.


Is this something I want?

Is this a good idea?

Is this representative of who I am?


When making decisions on your future, it is best to align them with what you know.

The most important thing to know, in my opinion, is who you are.

By knowing yourself on that deeper level, you can look inwardly and trust that what you are doing aligns with who you really are.


Looking inwardly is a good gut check, too.

If you look inwardly and see things you don’t want to see, you need to get back to those roots of who you are.

What makes you good, what makes you move forward, what brings the best out of your talents/gifts.


There’s so much you can look at (inwardly and outwardly) that can change a decision, a movement, and even a life.


Just remember that you are you.


Through it all, I am Nelson Searcy.

I know who I am, and I will do my best to align my life with who I am.


I know.





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