Knowing yourself.

There are many things I have learned from the past year and a half of doing this blog.

I have learned about my many emotions, how I handle situations in life, how I function internally and externally, what I am looking for in life… an endless amount of learning that I am so thankful for.


I have found that with each post, I gain some form of knowledge on myself.

I figure things out. I understand myself.

I think it is so important to understand yourself.

Each of us is complicated.

We are all unique, and sometimes there are things we don’t even know about ourselves.


I will always advocate for self-reflection, because times like this are where most of my learning comes from.


Relating to today, however, I sat here for a while in front of a blank screen to type and I couldn’t think of much to discuss or reflect on.

I never want to force myself to think, to act, to do anything.

However, that simple time of open space allowed me to realize something.


When my mind is open, I seem to understand everything around me at that moment in time.

That’s a super cool feeling.

Being able to feel as if you have your brain and your heart in your grasp.

Understanding not only what is going on around you, but what is going on within.


That is a battle that is often hard to win, but I feel like right now, I’m winning.

I’m winning the battle over my doubt, my depression, my anxiety.


KEY WORD: Winning.

The war of life is never over. No matter how much we put in and are on the top or on the bottom, we are always fighting.


I am thankful for my current place of mind, but I know there will always be work to do.


I am excited to learn more and more about myself…

All while continuing to “win” battles.





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