New Goals.

Sitting in the past is useful at times.

Reflection is okay, but living in the past can be dangerous.

I specifically take time out of my day to reflect, but once it’s done, I work hard to move forward.

I’m not perfect, and sometimes I do look back, but I am always working to move forward.


So, Nelson, what is forward?


Today, I realized that most of how I spend my day and where I am doesn’t align well with my goals, motivations, ambitions.

I’m definitely burned out of much of my routine.
So, let’s move forward with some change.

Is change scary? Sure.

Is the change necessary? Right now, indeed it is.


Moving forward in life requires adjusting to things as they come in order to help you reach your current goal(s).

For me, I have already mentally adjusted.

My mind and my heart have moved forward.

I now need to take my steps in the same direction.


One of my current ambitions, and most important to me, is this blog.

I absolutely adore this.

This platform provides me with endless opportunities.


Opportunities for me to reflect and to grow personally.

Opportunities for me to be able to write freely.

Opportunities for me to help those around me that are hurting, confused, or angry.

Opportunities for me to help others understand their feelings and express how I have maneuvered through my emotional, mental, social, physical trials of life, in hopes that sharing my breakthroughs will help others breakthrough.


I hate seeing people in a place of pain, confusion, depression… I’ve been there and I still struggle.

I want to be better every day.

I want YOU to be better every day.


I hope and pray that my writing helps every single reader with something in their life, whether that be 1 person or 1 million.


I just know that this blog is one of my current ambitions that I never want to lose.

I have other ambitions as well, and for those and this blog, it’s time for me to move with my mind.


I’m ready to grow my blog, my ambitions, my goals, and myself.


I hope you all grow with me.




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