Holding me back.

We all have things in life that we know are frequent but hurtful.

They are simply just bad for us.

They might not seem inherently bad, but they don’t do positive things for you.


I am aware of those temptations in my life.

How come it is hard at times to throw those things to the side when we know they are bad for us?

The keyword: Temptations.

It’s so easy for us to want what we shouldn’t have or to yearn that different feeling.

It’s always a struggle between “desire” and “rationality”.

In the end, we do indeed have a choice.

We can choose to give into temptations or we can choose to take steps towards a better us.

I understand how hard this can be – especially when some of these temptations show up every single day.

Whether it be eating one too many pieces of chocolate, too many hours in front of the TV, or whatever it may be, it’s easy to fall into habit.


Habits can be good, too, you know?

This is my goal.

I am aware of the habits that I want to have.

I know where I want my mind to be so that it can help me make better choices.

I want to keep my mind from holding me back.


This is much easier said than done, but I know how much the mind can be a hinderance.

I also know how powerful the mind is.


When you can use your powerful mind to help you instead of hurt you, you can do powerful things.

Powerful mind = Powerful you.


Going forward, I hope you and I can turn away from our bad habits (what holds us back) and turn towards the good (what helps us be powerful and better).


Don’t be held back.

Push forward and put your mind right to where it should be.


Powerful… and good for you.




*Vice City*




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