I keep feeling as if my feelings change.

I feel like a mixed-signal, and not much is more annoying than a mixed-signal.

I don’t want to give myself inconsistent feelings and I don’t want other people to struggle to understand me either.


I have talked recently about wanting consistency and how good that feels to be rooted in a routine.

Well, I understand that it is hard to direct your emotions sometimes.

I am an emotionally analytical person, and as I continue to live my life, my emotions sway back and forth all the time.


I don’t consider that to be bad – I consider it an observation of who I am.


I am figuring out how to right the ship when my emotions are swaying.

I want balance – I want consistency.

So, I ask myself, why are my feelings about things changing constantly?

Why do I sometimes want something and other times not?

To me, this is frustrating.


I am trying to communicate one thing to myself, but I hear two different answers.


I am trying to combat this lack of understanding by reverting to some things that have helped me in the past:

  • I know myself. I know why I want things when I do, I know what motivates me, and I know that I want to be better.
  • I know that I trust my feelings. I just have to put that trust into action.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out – it’s rare if we ever do. Just remember to keep trying when I can’t seem to figure it out, because I know I can and will, eventually.


I hope to continue to work hard on understanding some of my emotions and being able to portray them to others properly.

I’m learning a lot as we speak.

I want to always communicate well, whether that be to myself or others.


Communication is key…

Consistency is key…


I just have to find the keychain.


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