Mustering up the courage.

I would consider myself to be a very open person.

I like to discuss the things going on in my life and letting others listen to what’s going on in my head and getting feedback.


I didn’t use to be this way.

It took me a while to even talk to one person about my personal life.

I was always afraid of being judged, being made fun of, being misunderstood.


Those things might happen sometimes, but I no longer have those fears.

However, I would say that I still am not easily vulnerable to others.

I constantly think about what I should “filter” from people and if I should even talk to people about my “personal” things.


I’ve found that nothing helps me more than opening up.

And this is for many reasons:

  • Having people to listen. When I open up to people about my personal life, I feel as though I have many people around me that I can trust and that care for me. That feeling is irreplaceable and something we all need to have.
  • Blogging. I love this platform for so many reasons, and one of them is the ability for me to open up to those around me. I can write to my heart’s content and be able to discuss anything I want. It’s much easier to be vulnerable when it’s just me and the keyboard/pencil.
  • Clearing my mind. Sometimes my mind is so cluttered with things that I need to just let them out and hit the reset button on my mind. It is so easy for us as humans to crowd our mind with thoughts and not release them. I know that once I start clearing my mind, I can think much clearer and I understand each thought as I address it.


Being vulnerable is never easy.

I know that it always makes me a bit uncomfortable as each new situation presents itself.

But, as many other things I’ve learned from reflection, being open, honest, and clearing my mind are important to me continuing to move forward.


I will always have to muster some courage to open up, but I know it is always for the right reasons.


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