Mindfulness (Pt. 2)

Every day, I find myself reminding myself to do many things.

Just this morning, in 2 hours, I recognize all of these reminders I gave myself:

  • Enjoy your golf today. Don’t let your head get in the way and don’t get angry if something doesn’t go your way.
  • Give yourself enough time to blog, journal, shower, and eat before class. Don’t rush yourself and enjoy your time in reflection and calmness.
  • Make sure you breathe today. Don’t get caught up in the busyness, stay in the moment and relax. Focus well.


I realize consistently how important these reminders are in my everyday life.

Reminders keep my mind rooted.


It has honestly become a good habit at this point, where I am reminding myself of the things that I need to keep in my mind as I maneuver through each situation that the day throws at me.

I encourage everyone to have a few “reminders” for themselves each day, as we all recognize what we need to hear and keep our mind on, in order to focus and succeed.


Being mindful is so helpful, and I hope we can all keep our minds in the right place as we work through the day and beyond.


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