Trying your best.

I was recently asked the question of “do you think people are truly doing their best?”

I sat and pondered the question for a moment and my immediate reaction was “no”.


Reflecting on that further, I still think “no”, but I think it’s complicated.

I think many people consider “doing your best” to mean “doing the best you can for/within yourself”.

It is hard to always do your best for yourself.

A lot of things can get in your way.


Also, it is hard to know if what YOU define as “the best” to be what is the best for everyone, when someone might not think what you did is “the best” for that situation.


So, here is my official answer, and why I’m not discouraged:

I don’t think everyone is being their best at the end of the day, but it is all about intention.

There is a difference in being the best and trying your best.

I think it is incredibly hard to ever do your best because there are so many things that happen around you that could change to make something objectively be “the best”. Plus, I think there’s a chance that sometimes, we don’t even know what the best is.


All I want, at the end of the day, is to try my best.

I know I won’t always do the best, but I want to.

My heart and mind are in the right place.

Although my eventual action (for said situation) might only be a 7/10 (10 being the best), my heart and my mind are putting forth effort to reach 10/10.


I just hope that everyone around me is trying their best.

It amazes me to think that many people wouldn’t be trying their best, but that’s all we can do.


Every day, we are dealt a new hand of cards.

All that we can do is try our best with what we have.

And at the end of the day, I think that’s all we can do.


So I take my cards today, just like I do every day, and I’m ready to play.


Play my best.

Try my best.

To be better.




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