Time tells.

I find myself stressing over the unit of time – well, all the time.

Asking myself questions like:

  • “What is going to happen next?”
  • “What just happened?”
  • “Do I have time for this?”
  • “Where has the time gone?”
  • “What will time tell me now?”


At the end of the day, I just stick my head too far into the past and the future (somehow at the same time).

It’s a lot to think about, but relating to a few recent posts on this site, I need to remain present and to let the past be consisting of all learning and no worries.

What had me thinking about time this morning was reading the words “time tells us a lot”.


Time indeed does tell us so much.


It tells us when things happen physically, when things click emotionally, when we learn, when we fail, when we need to make decisions…

Each hour, minute, and second provides opportunity and learning.


If time is telling us things, shouldn’t we be listening?


The clock will continue to move forward, and so will I.

I know to not look ahead too many minutes, and I know to not look back too many minutes either.


As time moves, I want to do my best to align myself with that movement.

It’s a lot easier to move forward when you’re moving with time and not against it.


Move with time.

Let the hands turn and let time tell you what it needs to say.


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