Never regret.

As hard as it may be to look back on mistakes you may have made in your past, you should never look back with regret.

Each time I look back with a regretful vision, I find that I lose the thankfulness I have for the road I’ve traveled.

The road I’ve traveled is anything but smooth.


However, I really enjoy that road.


The hardships, the mistakes, the blessings – all of my past I am thankful for.

I should never think about the bad and think that it was all a mistake.

I may have been able to do better – but I was at least doing my best.


The choices we make are all influenced by so many factors, but none greater than ourselves.

We have choices to make, and once we have made them, we may initially regret them, but there was a reason we made that choice at the time.

Look back upon your reasoning, not your mistake.

By focusing on what led you to your decision(s), you figure out how your mind works its way to a decision.

I’ve said it a lot, but building self-awareness in moments like this is important.

By learning how your brain maneuvers as it makes its way towards a decision, it will help you in the future be able to better handle your decision-making skills.


Making decisions isn’t easy.

Living with “mistakes” isn’t easy.

But learning should be.


At the end of the day, we should look back with a “thankful” vision and then look forward with knowledge and say “I’m ready to keep learning.”


We should always be willing to learn…

And to never regret.

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