There can be a lot of power packed into just a couple of letters.

The simple, but defining words of “yes” and “no” have just about as much power as any word in our English arsenal.

Today, I am going to focus on the latter.

I mentioned in my recent post(s) that I am focused on tracking my actions this year.

Whether those actions relate to my physical, mental, or general health, I want to see how my actions (or lack thereof some days) are impacting my life.

Now that we are a month and a half into 2023, I found I am starting to say “no” a lot more often.

I’ve always thought of “no” as such a negative word/term.

Turning something away, not allowing it to exist anymore.

But truly there is so much beauty in “no”.

The most powerful pieces of life are often so beautiful.

The recent string of “no” responses I am giving is to potential pieces that I don’t want around.

I have tracked some action (or lack thereof) and determined that repeating that does not feel healthy for me in time and space.

So, next time that opportunity comes, I am saying “no”.

So on and so forth, I am figuring out the beauty of “no” being an act of self-control, self-awareness, and the seeking for better in my action.

I don’t only focus on the “no”, but we sometimes have to keep saying “no” in order to get to a “yes”.

I don’t have it all figured out right now.

I am trying to find the “yes” responses – replacing that “no” now that it is gone with the “yes” that is to come next in action.

“No” is becoming such a helpful word for me.

Next time, I will focus on “yes”.

Hopefully, by the time I make my “yes” post, I will have more “yes” responses to report.

But for now, the answer is “no“.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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