Best Day Ever.


There are some days when you just wake up feeling motivated.

You see a vision for the day, and you work to take action on that vision.

Most days, recently, I feel like I can really get a lot done in order to follow through on these visions.

The “What CAN I do today?” journal reflection I’ve previously written about has been extremely helpful for this.

But, today, this reflection went beyond today.

I looked around at some things I want for my future, whether that be my health, my relationships, my faith, etc.

Along with the pieces themselves, I was feeling the “why” I even wanted to do these things.

During this reflection, the song “Best Day Ever” by Mac Miller came on in my headphones.

My mind began to shift to “what has been the best day ever?” and “what does that look like?”

Have I had an objective “best day ever”?

I think that some of the significant memories of my life that I hold dearly make up the days.

In this, I decided to work to make today one of those days.

Down the road, January 18th, 2023 may not turn out to be the actual “best day ever”, but every day we certainly have the opportunity to do something to create a memory…

A memory of accomplishment.

A memory of realization.

A memory of focus.

A memory of growth.

Sometimes the “best day ever” may not even be happy – the “best day ever” could have been a tough day but we learned so much that it shaped who we have or will become.

That’s kind of what I see from today.

The deeper I dig into today’s reflection, the deeper I feel tied to this tough learning.

I want to use January 18th, 2023’s tough learning to grow and hit those visions.

I want to use January 18th, 2023’s opportunities to carry me forward to January 19th, 2023 (and beyond).

I want to use January 18th, 2023’s motivation to propel me through a goal, whether it’s today’s goals of “what I can do today”, or if it’s a goal I have set for when I turn 60.

I want to use January 18th, 2023’s day to be the best day.

Today can always be the best day.

But I truly want today to contain a memory.

Whether it’s one that makes me recognize tough learning or one that makes me smile, it’s the simple wanting to make today worth it.

The simple wanting to make January 18th, 2023, a day that makes Nelson better.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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