2023 is here, and with that comes ambitions, goals, etc. for the new year ahead for all of us.

I have always tried to be mindful of the word “resolution”. The definition of the word “resolution” is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

As I have learned over my life thus far, progress is usually never linear.

It is hard to completely do a “180” on old habits, ways of thinking, etc.

When you go through change, there are many obstacles (specifically things that you can’t control as you work through the process).

No day is perfect, but we can always try and be mindful of those things that we DO want to accomplish.

It is healthiest for me to recognize the growth I am aspiring to reach, even if TODAY was not everything I wanted it to be in getting towards my goal(s).

Simply being mindful and learning to retrain the mind over time is where we have to start.

Recognizing that your brain doesn’t flip a switch overnight – Your brain usually recognizes when something is good/bad for you (whether that is physically, emotionally, etc.), but that hardly means we will always make the “right” decision.

It’s so funny that we so often know what is likely the “right” choice but we don’t do it.

It’s much deeper and tougher than that, I know.

So, although I have many “goals” for 2023, my main “resolution” (my firm decision to do something) for 2023 is to gain traction through tracking action.

I have always been a man of vision and words.

I want to also be a man of action.

I used to struggle to take action, letting fear paralyze me often.

I have grown so much in simply taking a step each day, seeing what I CAN do each day as it is here in the present.

I want to simply be mindful of the journeys that I am going on this year. Putting trust in my faith, my present knowledge, and knowing that I am taking steps when possible.

I have created a few “action trackers” where I want to visually see my progress.

I want to recognize, reflect, and learn from these “trackers” and see how my action can gain traction in reaching my goals.

I am truly excited to see how this goes for me! Taking action and making change is always a little scary, but that fear goes away pretty quickly once you get the ball rolling and seeing/feeling how that action(s) is helping you grow.

I hope we all can gain some traction in 2023, taking steps every single day.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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