As my birthday just passed and I turned 23 years old, I wanted to take some time to reflect on this past year of my life.

All I wanted to look at from year 22 of my life was:

  • Where did I grow?
  • Where did I fall?

Each piece of my 22nd year of life that I reflected on gave me some insight on how I want to keep growing in year 23.

All of these areas were different, but they came back to two themes.

These two themes are going to be the overarching goals this year for me:

  1. “I want to be my best friend.” – I am very critical of myself at times and my self-talk isn’t always the most positive. I want to keep reminding myself that not only am I trying my best, but that I am proud of myself and everything that I work towards. I want to be kind to my soul with my words, my actions, and my time. No matter where the growth comes in my life this year, I want to be thankful and proud of the work I’ve put in.
  2. “I want to be patient and show grace to others.” – This past year, I felt a bit more easily annoyed or frustrated with other people around me. There is a lot going on in the world and I want to show love to people instead of being quicker to fall into frustration. I believe most people are trying their best, so I want to show grace to everyone that I encounter. I know that a little bit of love can go a long ways, so being a light unto others is something I strive for this year.

There are many “sub-goals” in my themes this year, but those two constants will remain throughout year 23 for me.

Support myself.

Support others.

That’s it…

That’s 23.


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