Comprehending Roadblocks.

Anytime we have to divert from our planned path, it comes as a frustrating and challenging time.

It often doesn’t make sense why we have to change what we are doing in order to reach a goal.

The path is so clear!

However, we experience roadblocks every single day.

I don’t think we would truly appreciate life’s journey if we never had a roadblock.

The challenges we endure allow us to appreciate the goals that we achieve.

The good moments are good because we know what isn’t.

Roadblocks aren’t “good feeling” moments, but they are always “good learning” moments.

Typically, moments filled with learning are not appreciated until after they have passed.

That is what I am using my reflection for this morning – I want to use the roadblocks I experienced this week and pull the learning that I took away from each moment.

We can either learn or let it burn, so I am choosing to learn.

It can be hard to want to reflect on some roadblocks in our lives, as some come in tough times and forms.

I believe if we can pull some piece of learning from everything that we do, we can grow in ways we could never imagine.

I encourage you to appreciate your roadblocks this week.

You don’t have to enjoy the extra steps you have to take to get back on track, but you should appreciate the learning you take with each step.

Keep the strength – Keep getting better – Keep growing through learning.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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