Any time that I reflect on learning, I pull from any experience that feels relevant to what I am going through in the present moment.

Yesterday, I was reflecting on my time in my college fraternity, Alpha Delta Gamma.

When I first got to college, I never thought about joining a fraternity.

It wasn’t a priority of mine.

After my freshman year, I found many of my friends were in this fraternity and I was in search of community.

I decided to get to know them and rush in the spring of my sophomore year.

Once I rushed that spring, I had found my sense of community.

However, after a short amount of time, I felt that initial rush of community dwindle.

Why was this?

I had done what I wanted to.

It was the fact that I wasn’t a very active member, despite being “active”.

We can always be involved in something, but it doesn’t always mean that we are truly locked in.

Once I realized that I needed to maintain activity to feel that next step in community, I became the spiritual chair.

This was a good experience, as I was able to hold a retreat and grow a stronger bond with my brothers.

Then, the next step of activity came in becoming Executive Vice President.

This allowed me to implement committees, events, retreats, and input consistently throughout the year for my brothers.

As I reflect on the growth of activity and what it should be as an “active”, I recognize the importance of maintaining activity.

I always feel as if I am “active” in my journey towards growth and betterment, but I am not always taking active steps.

I realize the importance of building upon activity.

As activity grows, my growth comes with it.

This doesn’t always mean being busier and busier, it just means I want to find myself always taking a step towards the next growth.

I can see it – I can think about it – I can understand it – But I just have to do it!

I encourage you to find those active steps that can help you grow to what’s next – even if you can’t see it yet.

No matter where the activity goes, it always builds you up and grows.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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