Come back to circles.

I have spoken before about the prominence of “circles” in our lives.

Many things in life feel like a cycle and you can draw out some of these things, seeing where they started and how they returned to this point.

Some of these things good – some of these things bad.

I made a post a while back about how to cut off those bad patterns – but I want to address more than just those bad circles.

I want to address these good circles.

The happy patterns that life beautifully places in our lives, as the start comes back around and we are reminded of this root.

And these “root reminders” are important.

Whenever I am reminded of truly where things began in my life that brings me joy, peace, and growth, I am filled with inspiration to find more of things and to continue to dive into those feelings.

We don’t want to dive into the bad circles and get caught in a bad cycle.

We want the good circles.

We want to put ourselves in the wheel that’s rolling towards the future with the roots that got us where we are.

I encourage you today to put yourself in those good circles and grab onto your peaceful, joyful roots.

It’s a good grasp – a good feeling – a good “you”.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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