Any time that something happens in our lives, the question always seems to be “Why?”

  • Why did that happen?
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • Why is that person acting that way?
  • Why now?

I have learned how to look at my “Why?” questions as a whole piece.

My why’s have become an acronym of assessment in reflection.

W.H.Y. – What Helps You? / What Hurts You?

Before I jump into something, presently feel something, or am planning something, I turn to my W.H.Y.

I can look at this “something” and realize what about it helps me and what about it hurts me.

And I’m not necessarily talking about “painful” hurt – it either is helping me grow in some way or it isn’t.

It’s pretty simple.

I know a few older people in my life that ask me a simple question quite often: “Does it bring you joy?”

If it does, they usually recommend I keep doing it.

If it doesn’t, they usually recommend that I stop doing it.

And this goes for much more than just analyzing your joy levels.

Whatever feeling, action, anything you specifically want to get from something, you can ask yourself if this thing is bringing you to that specific piece you are seeking.

If it is, keep it up.

If it isn’t, we should evaluate why.

In both cases, we can evaluate this with our W.H.Y.

We know what “helps” us.

We know what “hurts” us.

Today, let’s look at what we are trying to do with our actions.

Is what we are doing bringing us the PIECE we are searching for and the PEACE we are searching for?

Let’s ask W.H.Y.

We will surely learn a lot.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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