Push and Pull.

As The Masters Tournament begins today in the world of golf, many life lessons I’ve learned from 16+ years of golfing begin circling in my head during a moment of reflection.

As I watched the beginning of the broadcast, I saw a few players hit some wayward shots, and as the broadcasters analyzed these misses, they talked about their “pushes and pulls”.

(Long story short, a miss to the left in golf is often called a “pull” and a miss to the right in golf is often called a “push”.)

And as I heard this, I am thinking about how the challenge of a round of golf, and these misses, is much like life…

And how you overcome it is in the same light.

When I make my way through a round of golf, the game’s challenges “push” and “pull” me around as I try to stay focused and aligned to my targets.

Throughout those challenges, I’ll hit some pushes and pulls.

I’ll make mistakes and waver at times from my focus.

But in the end, it’s all about how you get back to that alignment and work hard towards the finish line.

When life pushes and pulls us as we maneuver through a day, a week, a year, we constantly get distracted from our goals and can get torn down by our mistakes.

But there are always opportunities.

Opportunities to learn from these mistakes.

Opportunities to get back on track.

Opportunities to succeed and finish strong.

As I continue to watch the golf today and live life today, I want to take note of opportunities, mistakes, and everything in between, in order to learn and grow.

Simply put, the pushes and pulls will not drag me off my line as I work towards my focus…

And that’s to be a better man.


“I believe a few words can change your day and your life.”

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