When I write things down, whether it be for planning purposes, for journaling purposes, or just casually writing, I like to use my notebook.

When I write in my notebook, whatever “form” it may be in, I am writing on those lines.

I also am sometimes creating lines along the way within my writing (i.e. bulleted lists).

After spending some time in my journal and my notebook today, I thought about those lines and how important each one is.

The ones that already exist AND the ones that I create.

Each line, as I write, feels representative of a step – a piece – a boundary.

These steps, pieces, and boundaries show me a ladder of a story.

This story may have already happened (reflection), is happening right now (presence writing/journaling), or will happen later (planning).

No matter what the setting of my writing is, these stories show me how important the pieces are.

Each piece of our lives, in time, helps us to be mindful.

Being mindful isn’t just being aware of these pieces – it’s being present with these pieces.

When we can be present with these pieces of our lives as they sit in our story, we can truly feel and experience them.

For me, I had to learn a lot about how to look at the reflective pieces and planning pieces in a way that brought me positive feelings.

Being stuck in the past, in a negative light, leaves us depressed and being stuck in the future, in a negative light, leaves us anxious.

After battling with these head spaces, I created mental lines.

These lines give me the awareness to look at the reflective/present pieces as “it is what it is” and the planning pieces as “it will when it will”.

There doesn’t have to regret or remorse in the past.

There doesn’t have to be worry or concern in the future.

I just want to learn and grow in the present.

I truly hope to achieve this place in my mind each day and it serves as a never ending reminder of the lines of life.

We all create those lines in our head:

  • Lines that guide us in our walk of life.
  • Lines that keep us away from what we don’t want in our life.
  • Lines that respect our surroundings.
  • Lines that are infinite in feeling and experience.

I encourage you today to look at those lines you have created and be present with them.

Don’t worry about the point on the line way back there.

Don’t worry about the point on the line way ahead.

Take a moment to look at the point of this line you are on and breathe, knowing you’ve made it so far and that you’ve learned and grown, hopeful for even more as you take more steps.

Utilize your lines.

They are powerful and present…

And so are you.


“I believe that a few words can change your day and your life.”

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